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Tex Commando

I'm not angry, just outspoken

Bitter –

  • having to create new holiday traditions
  • not knowing how to make the turkey because you’ve never had to
  • having to plan it all yourself

Sweet –

  • getting to create new holiday traditions
  • not having to cook a turkey because I suck at  cooking the turkeyif I don’t want to
  • getting to plan it all by myself thereby being in control of what is on the menu or not

Thanksgiving = gorgefest. Our family usually travels to another state to spend this holiday with some of our closest friends. It’s an epic undertaking for two women to plan, cook, and serve food to upwards of 25 people.  It was crazy, tiring, exciting, and crazy. Almost every year for the past ten years, this has been what we did. Not this year.

I acknowledge that I played a part in the destruction of a friendship. I have said it about marriage, and I believe it to be true about friendship also: It takes two people to  make a marriage (frendship) succeed, and it takes two people to make it fail. And the kids? They suffer too. Two of my kids have always known this Thanksgiving tradition. The other two were very young when it started, so they have no real memory of anything else.

We were going to stay here for Thanksgiving this year anyway. My old man has family in town (like, within a two-state radius) this year, and they are going to spend the holiday at our house. But, it’s sad anyway because it’s not even an option to do what we normally do.

Because of the distraction of house guests for this holiday, maybe the kids won’t notice. But what about springtime? Will they notice that we didn’t take our usual Memorial Day trip? Eventually, I will have to explain to them that sometimes even grown up friends get in fights and stop being friends. That sometimes even grown ups can’t work things out.

It’ll be OK. The food we make will be fine. I’ll enjoy planning it. The kids will enjoy meeting their uncle and great-grandmother for the first time. The first of many holiday traditions will be created in our family. Life will continue.



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