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Tex Commando

I'm not angry, just outspoken

So, my awesome teenager is having her first (of many, I hope) behind the scenes press experience. She and her best friend are at a press conference before a concert interviewing the band. Last week, in my crazy rage about her piss poor grades, I almost didn’t let her go.

See, she’s one of those kids who is smart- brilliant even- and struggles in school. Like, she could teach the teachers a thing or two. But she can’t get it together enough to pass her classes. As time goes on, school is getting harder and it’s getting harder for her to pull those passing grades out of her ass. It’s frustrating. It’s sad. It sucks.

I can’t say that I was surprised when she came home with the shitty report card. I guess I just didn’t expect it to be so bad. It was like deja vu. Mostly mediocre-to-failing grades and a solitary (or two) ‘A’. The class she got the ‘A’ in? Journalism. The one that she loves. She has wanted to write a newspaper since she was 5. She used to write family newspapers as soon as she knew how to write. I hope I kept some.

My first reaction was to take away her concert. But what good would that do? Nothing. I’d be taking away the one thing she did well. That’s stupid. Besides, she listened to the band’s music, and she said it sucked. She wasn’t excited to see the band, she was excited to be a journalist.

As I reflect on my own experiences with school, jobs, and things I’m passionate about, I realize that the classes I excelled in were the things I have pursued as an adult. I got straight A’s in JROTC- joined the army. Straight A’s in Spanish- Spanish linguist in the army. Straight A’s in cooking class- well, Duh! Have you ever had my cooking?

I’ve always said that I need to find the thing that she excels in and encourage that. She has so many more gifts that she could/does excel in. I’m glad that I figured this out sooner than later. Otherwise, she might not have gotten her journalist’s feet wet tonight.


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