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I'm not angry, just outspoken

I saw a t-shirt on a friend’s blog the other day that had namaste, bitches written on it. I have been here trying to force some deep, philosophical blog post about the word namaste and its meaning in my life. Seriously, I have been sitting here for the past two hours typing and deleting the same shit.

That’s what I get for fighting against my nature. Nothing. I get shit. You get shit. Thankfully, I’m a considerate-ass mofo and I’m planning to give you more than forced shitty philosophical shit. You’re going to get:


Namaste, loosely defined means the divine in me honors (recognizes) the divine in you. That’s all well and good. I recognize that there is light and beauty in all of us. I think people in general are wonderful. I try my best to bring that out in all of my interactions with people. (Brandi, you’re different.) However, I think this can mean other things too.

How ’bout, “The  bitch in me recognizes the bitch in you”? – Isn’t there something about a smart-ass bitch that makes you NEED to reciprocate?

Let’s try this one: “The judgmental recognizes the judgmental in you” – How many times have you accused someone of being ‘judgmental’ while you’re judging them for being judgmental?

I like this: “The ugly, insecure adolescent recognizes the ugly, insecure adolescent in you” – Come on, you all know he/she is in there. I have pretty much come to terms with my saggy belly button. I have blogged before about my experiences in hot yoga, and how I have had to get over it in order to fully participate. However, some days I feel bloated and extra saggy. It’s on those days when I feel like everyone is staring at me I am comparing myself to everyone else- thus staring at them.

My point – I don’t really know if I have one. OK, I guess the point is that within each of us is god. And I’m not talking about the ‘our father who art in heaven’ god. I’m talking about the bitchy, judgemental, insecure, loving, life-giving, conscience-raising, impatient, nurturing, (you name it), self that makes up who we are. We all are all of those things some of the time. No one is perfect. And it’s by loving people and accepting them how they are – imperfections and all – that we draw closer to the divine that is within each and every one of us.



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