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Tex Commando

I'm not angry, just outspoken

The ‘tween and I have been busy baking cupcakes for her school Valentine’s day party. Of course I baked extra because, du-uuuh you can’t bake cupcakes for any occasion and not eat some yourself.

Did you know that there’s an art to cupcake eating? There is. I’ll try my best to ‘splain.

1. Remove paper from bottom of cake.
2. Gently remove the bottom half of cupcake.
3. Place bottom of cupcake broken(crumb) side down on top of frosting.
4. Smoosh it ever-so-gently to create the perfect cupcake sandwich.

Enjoy your ‘every bite gets the perfect cake-to-frosting ratio and there’s no big glop of frosting stuck to the roof of your mouth and you don’t want to finish the cupcake because there’s no frosting left for the last two bites and even though the cake is good, who wants to eat just plain cake’ cupcake!


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