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Tex Commando

I'm not angry, just outspoken

She woke up and took her medicine first thing yesterday morning. We decided to work on the dosage over the weekend, so she’d be all set for school on Monday. It was about 10am, and she walked into the kitchen while I was making my coffee. I figured that since I hadn’t heard or seen her all morning, she was just getting up also. Not so.

She had been up since eight. She took two pills when she got up. She got something to eat, got dressed, and then remembered her homework. As she was telling me all this, she got all excited and ran into her room and brought out the folder her therapist suggested she get to keep her homework in. She insisted that I look at it. Inside, there were several papers. On the left side of the folder was a label ‘to do’. It was empty. On the right side was a Latin vocabulary worksheet, U.S. Government fill-in chart, and Chemistry balancing equations packet. That side was labeled ‘done’.

She not only did her homework, but she did all of it. It was neat and thorough. Also, it was all in one place where it wouldn’t get torn, crumpled, or lost. It was easy to find and therefore, easy to turn in. For credit.

On Saturday, she put the dishwasher dishes away. She did it within a reasonable amount of time for someone of her age and ability. It took her less than 5 minutes. AND they were put away correctly. Huge deal. Huge.

She can feel the difference. It’s like she was walking around in a fog for her entire life, and she’s finally emerged from the fog and is able to function the way she’s always wanted to. I’m so proud of her.



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