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Tex Commando

I'm not angry, just outspoken

1. What clothes to wear – I can’t be lookin’ all fly all the time and makin’ y’all feel bad about yoselves.

2. What shoes to bring – Gotta be prepared for every possibility.

3. What book to bring – Shouldn’t really be that hard because I can’t seem to read ANY book from cover to cover anymore. I just think I should have one.

4. What knitting projects to bring – With that many hours ahead of me on the plane, I must have at least three different things to work on because I WILL GET BORED. I know this about myself. And, I can’t forget the stuff to do while I’m there. I have serious knitting ADD.

5. The anticipation of chillin’ with some of my favorite mofos for a week.

See you bitches in 24 hours!


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