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Tex Commando

I'm not angry, just outspoken

Yeah, so this is really the highlight of my trip. To the person who felt the need to remind me that I “will lose some money, ya know,” I laugh in your face. I didn’t lose. I actually only spent $100  total on my trip to Las Vegas. And on this particular game, which used my last $5 for the night, I think I did a pretty good job.

Things I learned on this trip:

  1. Sta-tit-ho is hot on the pole.
  2. JZ is a gorgeous bitch who can make a mean mojito.
  3. Brandi should not EVER be given caffeine.
  4. Harmony is good for a mofo’s self esteem.
  5. Conversations about farmville are stupid.
  6. I should have made Bennett give me the book when I had the chance. That’s what I get for taking turns and being nice.
  7. I’m a nice drunk.
  8. I know how to take one for the team.
  9. Chris has amazing hands that can work magic.
  10. I don’t cuss nearly as much in real life as I do on my motherfuckin’ blog. Thank goodness!

There’s nothing more to say about this fun trip that hasn’t already been said. You mofos were fun!


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