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Tex Commando

I'm not angry, just outspoken

Has that ever happened to you? I still need to blog about my trip home from Vegas. I also need to take you on a photographic journey through the wonderful food and libations fair Mr. T and I went to last Saturday. Also, this apostate blog wouldn’t be complete without a rundown of the unholy things our family did over this conference weekend. Lastly, I want to talk about the potentially super-easy way to make money doing super-unskilled work.

But here’s my problem: No laptop. It’s dead. And I always have stupid little people around here. And when I don’t have people under 18 around me, I have Mr. T. And believe it or not, I like chillin’ wit my Homie when he’s around. Except for now, because he’s shredding paper and I’m on the computer. Blogging. About what I want to blog about. I’m stupid.

But for me, blogging is like taking a shit. I need to be all by myself. I can’t have distractions all around me. I need silence. Also, I don’t need my offspring to be able to look over my shoulder and read what I’m writing. However, I’m pretty sure my nosey-ass teenager reads this blog too. Why do I think this? Because yesterday, when we were in Ulta, we discovered a new nail polish color,

and she suggested I buy it. “Because…,” she said. MmmmHmmm, right. I got ya.

And now I have pretty much lost my train of thought because of the damn loud ass paper shredder that is making me feel like picking it up and throw it across the FUCKING room because it’s so loud. I am totally spazzing out because of it right now. I might just need to distract Mr. T  with a BJ so he’ll stop disturbing my mental health because I’m seriously going to scream!!!!

Ok. That’s it. I’ll see you mofos later.


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