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Tex Commando

I'm not angry, just outspoken

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to cook. She loved food so much, in fact, that she decided that she wanted to be a chef. So, she applied to the local community college where she could attend culinary classes and learn the ins and outs of the hospitality industry and all of the wonder that went into food preparation. Then she got pregnant with child #2, and with her decision to be discharged from the army in order to raise her family, her dream to become a pastry chef became a ‘someday’ idea. How could she justify quitting her job to raise her growing family only to pursue another job that would take her away from her family just as much, if not more. In hospitality, people work while everyone else is playing. She couldn’t do that.

As the years passed, she had more babies. More kids to take care of equaled less time to pursue her dreams to bake for money. She remained passionate about baking, but she only got paid in yumms and thank yous. Her banana bread? To die for. Those fresh blueberries? Muffins. Big muffins. Her caramel cinnamon rolls? Sticky perfection. Cakes, brownies, puddings, you name it, she could bake it. She could read a recipe and taste it. These weren’t fancy restaurant-style goodies. They were comfort foods. She realized that she didn’t really want to be in a restaurant with all the pressure to churn out hundreds of fancy, uniform-looking desserts. Her mind didn’t work like that. She needed variety and flexibility.

So, she decided that maybe catering could work.  She could cater small events for corporate occasions. That way, she would work while everyone else is working and not miss out on the fun. For who knows how many years, that was just a ‘someday’ idea in the back of her mind. She never really pursued it. Until last week, she thought it might never happen.

Last week, her ‘someday’ idea became a real current possibility. So, she dusted the cobwebs off of her brain that had accumulated over the past 14 years. She made a menu, figured out the cost, decided on a price, and submitted the proposal. This week she finds out if she made the cut.

Wish her luck!


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