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I am so glad that I made that baked oatmeal recipe the other day. It turned out to be delicious. Everyone in my family liked it. But what’s not to like, really? Did you see the recipe? You really have to be weird to not like all of those things put together. Naturally, I made substitutes because that’s how I am. Here’s what I did:

I split the recipe and made two kinds. Since my Teenager doesn’t like blueberries unless they are inside muffins, I made one with blueberries and one with raisins.  These weren’t just ANY frozen blueberries, though. These were blueberries that I picked with my own motherfuckin’ hands last summer. That’s why they are so big and juicy and luscious.  My point is- if you’re going to make this recipe or any recipe with blueberries, don’t bother unless you have big ‘uns. I think I used too many raisins in the other recipe. It tasted too raisiny (yuck). You know what I mean? I love raisins in things, but there’s a delicate balance between being able to taste the delicious raisins and only tasting raisins and nothing else. Next time, I’ll use less raisins.

Both pans were without nuts because I didn’t have any nuts. Well, that’s a lie. I have almonds, but I don’t think this is an almondy kind of dish. It needed pecans or walnuts. I didn’t have those because I was too cheap to get them the last time I went to Costco. My bad.

I shredded half of an apple into each pan because I like apples. And so does my Teen. The main reason I got up early to bake this and also to make so many adjustments for her was because she’s a teenager. She doesn’t eat. And when she does eat, it’s crappy food. I know I got by just fine subsisting on shit when I was a teenager, but I want her to do better.

So I sacrifice my wants and desires  for hers (looks wistfully into the sky and sighs deeply)

I digress…

The shit turned out good. You should make it and tell me how you improved it. I’m going to repost the recipe on my recipe page sometime before I die. Hold your breath!


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