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Tex Commando

I'm not angry, just outspoken

This has been on my mind all morning since I found out that Bin Laden is El Muerto. No, not really since I found out. That’s a lie. Mr. T informed me at 5am this morning while I was getting ready for work. For a moment, I was relieved. I felt glad that he got the opportunity to be held responsible for his actions on 9/11/01.

Then I checked Facebook. That’s when I started to feel gross.

All over the place, people were rejoicing. They were praising GOD?!? What the fuck did god have to do with anything?

Seriously. If “god” wanted Bin Laden dead, why didn’t he just kill his ass sooner? Or lead our troops to find him sooner? Didn’t Bin Laden and his followers believe that “god” wanted them to fly those airplanes into those buildings on that day? They praised “god” that they were successful and that thousands of americans died. When they were rejoicing in their streets and in their media, wasn’t it wrong? Why do people feel like it’s OK to rejoice and praise “god” that Bin Laden was assassinated?

Isn’t there only one “god”?  Doesn’t he love all of his children? It’s a closed-minded fucker who thinks that their “god” was somehow involved in bringing him to justice, and not also involved for all of the things other people do against us in his name. And who gets to choose who is more important? Who’s god is greater? Who gets to decide who needs to die? Those thoughts are making my fucking head spin.

I believe that Bin Laden was fucked up in the head, and lead bad people to do bad things to innocent people. I also believe that he deserved to be punished. Death sounds like a good punishment to me. But let’s remember that he IS – er- was a human being. There’s no reason for Americans to stoop to his level and celebrate his death.

It’s barbaric. It’s disgusting.


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