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Mutilated Butter

It could ONLY be worse if there were crumbs in it, and if you look closely at approximately 2 o’clock, you’ll see a neat collection of crumbs. Wasn’t that considerate of the culprit to confine his/her crumbs to such a small package? Notice that the rim is fairly clean? That’s only because I wiped around it in order to put the cover on. I must have lost at least two tablespoons around the rim. Needless to say, I have my own container/don’t use margarine.

That’s my major beef for the morning, but it did get me thinking about other things that burn my ass lately. Allow me to share:

When I go out of my way to cook breakfast for my kids -meaning that I got up early and dirtied the kitchen for them- and they piss and moan about how the toast is too crunchy, or the eggs don’t have enough cheese in them, or how there’s not enough blueberries in the pancakes, or how they didn’t want JUST banana muffins, but they wanted chocolate chips in the muffins too,  bitch, bitch, bitch. Isn’t it enough that I even thought about making them ANYTHING?!?! Why can’t they just recognize that I put myself out to make them something that they, in most cases, asked for? It’s not like I get up early and bake shit all of the time, so they shouldn’t be used to it. Little fuckers.

And since I’m talking about food- I must share a recent dinner experience. I don’t quite remember what I cooked, except that it was fairly involved. It required a considerable amount of ingredients and creativity. I put a lot of thought into the meal. My kids are used to eating good food, or they at least have been exposed to good food. Also, if my cooking tastes like shit, I’ll admit it. This meal wasn’t shitty. Immediately, the three youngest started to protest. Loudly. Rudely. It was as if I dug food out of the trash and plated it up and forced them to eat maggots. Those little assholes were so rude and inconsiderate. Not only was I pissed that they were calling my cooking gross when it wasn’t, but they went on and on whining about the fact that they had to even TASTE everything! I know I raised these asses better than that. What about being polite? Gracious? KEEPING YOUR FUCKING RUDE OPINIONS TO YOURSELF?!?!!

Things like that make me think that I am cooking for them too much, and need to dial it back to frozen pizzas and spaghetti. Maybe they’d appreciate a few fresh vegetables better if I did that. Naah, probably not.

There are more things, I’m sure. I can’t think of more that are really worth sharing. Well, I can actually think of more things, but the morning is wearing on, and I must get around to some laundry before it consumes me. Do you think if I drank wine all day, I’d be more effective or less effective at getting my shitty house cleaned today?


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