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Tex Commando

I'm not angry, just outspoken

Am I the only one who isn’t jumping on the coupon bandwagon? What the fuck? Like, come on people, coupons aren’t new. So, why are people acting like coupons are the next best thing? I’m so tired of people posting pictures on Facebook of all the shitty junk food they just bought with coupons for $2.50.

Why are you bragging that you just bought 6 bags of Oreos? That’s nothing to be proud about! Or 50 boxes of cereal?!? I get it- some of you people are Mormon, and you think it’s contributing to your food storage, but I have news for you: boxed cereal goes stale. And it tastes like shit when it’s stale. And you and your kids are going to get sick of it after the first 20 boxes, and they/you will refuse to eat it. EVER AGAIN.

Give me some goddamn coupons for fresh fruits and vegetables. That’s what I want. I spend almost half of my monthly food budget on that shit. I don’t need more frozen pizzas and pop tarts in my life. That kind of shopping just discourages me from cooking. And it discourages my health from being healthy.

I can’t wait until I get into my ‘forever house’. Then, I’ll have fruit trees and berry bushes all over the place. From spring to fall, I’ll have more fresh fruit than I can handle. I’ll be shitting blueberries and apples! I can’t wait.

I guess that’s just me. What do you mofos think?


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