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Tex Commando

I'm not angry, just outspoken

That’s what they asked me at the barber shop when I went in and told them that I wanted it all gone. I told them, “No, I’m not getting a divorce, husband isn’t cheating, I’m not cheating either. I’m also not tryna get my groove back ‘cuz I never lost it in the first place. I just want to see what I look like with no hair.”

Now I know.

I didn’t take this decision lightly. I consulted about 200+ of my most trusted associates on Facebook. Most of them assured me that I would look amazing with no hair and that if anyone could do it, I could. Some of them (cough, cough, Brandi) just wanted me to do it for the sideshow aspect of it all.

Brandi: So did you shave your head or not?

Me: Not yet bitch

Brandi: You need to get on that. I’m lacking in things to make fun of.

Me: Fuck you

We really do love each other.

My son is horrified. My eldest child hasn’t seen me yet, but asked me NOT to pick her up from camp tonight. My two favorite youngest children love it. Mr. T? He thinks I’m a copycat. The only difference is that in a few weeks my head will be covered in hair.



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