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Tex Commando

I'm not angry, just outspoken

– business partner. Although I have great ideas, I also have shitty follow-through. I get distracted, sidetracked, somewhat overwhelmed, and ultimately lose interest and fail. I suck, pretty much. It’s not harsh, just true.

– acquaintance. Especially on Facebook. Especially if you constantly brag about going out to dinner at such ‘fancy’ restaurants such as Red Lobster and The Olive Garden. I’m fuckin’ judging your non-taste-havin’ ass. I mean, if you want to spend too much money on shitty food, just send it my way, and I’ll cook you shitty food and charge you way too much money. There is so much good food in the world to waste your time on those shitty-ass chain restaurants. (I’ve been wanting to say that for a long time)

– parent. I’m still figuring out why I had another kid. And another one. And another one. I know one. why I had the first kid. It was called- no condom. I guess that’s why all four happened. But DAMN!! I’m not sure I’m cut out for this shit. Only 13 more years to go? UGH!

– parent of a 13-year old boy. Since we have the lucky number 13 on our minds, please allow me to be completely candid. (Tex is nothing if not candid) My son was gone all summer. For the entire month of July, it was me and my girls. We had a fucking fun-ass time. I actually enjoyed the summer this year. Notice that I hardly blogged? It was because I was too busy swimming, crafting, cooking, shopping, playing with my girls. I loved being home and spending QT with my family. Then my son came home. And all shit broke loose. I can’t even stand to talk to him. Why must he argue with me about everything? I can somewhat understand why he would feel the need to argue if he asks me a question and I give him a “no” answer, but when I tell him “yes” and he argues?!?! WTF? It’s exhausting. And I don’t like him very much right now. Is this normal? Please tell me it’s just a phase.

– housekeeper. I haven’t really cleaned my house all summer. Why bother? It’s not like my kids appreciate a clean house enough to pick up after themselves. Why should I clean it just to have them come around and  mess it up AGAIN? Naaah, I’ll wait until next week to clean my house. WHEN THEY’RE ALL IN SCHOOL AGAIN!!!

– moral compass. No further explanation is necessary.

Have a great Monday mofos!


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