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Tex Commando

I'm not angry, just outspoken

I wish the book Dominitrix had some good patterns in it. Like knitted handcuffs or sexy underpants. It was a fun read. Who says knitting is just for old ladies? Stupid motherfuckers, that’s who. Also, the ‘old ladies’ that I knit with are crazier and naughtier than I am. They make me blush sometimes. Do you know how hard it is to shock me with inappropriate humor? Nearly impossible. Call me crazy, but when someone asks me how old my vagina is IN A KNITTING STORE, it’s shocking.

The perfect description for me. I wear this almost every day.

And when I saw this at the knitting store, I knew it was made for me. There were at least two there. I wonder who got the other one.

Yes, that’s me knitting a glove during the tattoo. A big-ass tattoo.

He was almost done, and I was almost out of pain tolerance. The knitting actually distracted me enough to get through the last bit of filling in the color. It took two sessions, a total of seven hours, and all the cuss word combinations known to man. It’s amazing. Also, if it was socially acceptable to walk around topless (and if I had nicer tits), I’d show this thing off all the time. I love it.

Crappy self portrait. I guess I need to have someone take a good picture of me.


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