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Tex Commando

I'm not angry, just outspoken

It’s weird that I’m the one who has like, ten readers and I’m the one who actually writes. Raise your hand if you think Brandi should be writing blog posts instead of reading them.

I’m sure she would have interesting things to write about. Like, why we don’t have anything hanging up on our walls yet. Boy, that was a couple of tense days. Or maybe she could write about my aversion to vanilla scented soap. I know! How she makes a tighter bed than I do. Jeez! You could bounce quarters off of it.

In case any of you actually were wondering how shacking-up life is going, I’ll tell you this,


Ok. Just kidding. Brandi and I are having a fun time getting used to each other. We would get more done around the house if we didn’t enjoy kissing talking to each other as much as we do.

That’s it. Now, who wants her to write again?


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