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Tex Commando

I'm not angry, just outspoken

We miss our friend. Whereisshe?

Speaking of elephants, that platter is adorable. It also caused a mini disagreement in our happy household. It’s all good NOW. I won’t even THINK about using it. EVER.

We don’t go out too often, but when we do we tell them it’s a party of three. (no we don’t. but I will next time.)

No, you don’t understand. LOOK AT THE PICTURE!!!!!!!

The Dancing Hawaiians greet us every time we come inside our room. They told us to say hi.

PENIS! (we may want to think about changing that word)

Love you.


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Shakespeare. I thought I hated it. At least I (mostly) hated it 20something years ago when I had to read it in high school English class. Now? It’s fucking awesome! I have read four plays in the past three weeks. Every one has had me laughing out loud. Every play has been a peek into human nature and even though they are hundreds of years old, people really haven’t changed.

The best part is that my class is small, about 10 students, and the professor encourages (requires) us to participate in the discussion and analysis of the plays and characters. There is something for everyone in each play. Some theme or character or situation that resonates differently with each person in the class.

It’s like Sunday school but with 89.742% less god. (Hamlet is super god-dy.) Reading Shakespeare is just like reading scriptures but with stories and characters that are actually interesting. And crude sexual humor. And insults. And cross-dressing.

While everyone else is at church this morning, I’ll be reading and laughing and taking notes so I can kick my midterm’s ass tomorrow.

Be thou familiar, but by no means vulgar.

Ya think he was talking to me? Psh, what does he know?

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Ok, so I know how to take turns. Brandi writes. Then I write, then she writes again. Not to give too much information (like, really? Me? TMI?), but art should imitate life.

B knows what I mean.

So, I’ll write ONE decent post to your….UMMMMMM…. eight.

Deal? Deal.

You have seven more to go before it’s my turn again. Art. Imitating. Life.

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She said she would do it.

Then her laptop died. I offered her mine. Nope. Not good enough.

THEN, she said she wouldn’t do it until the boxes were all gone.



They’re gone.


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It’s weird that I’m the one who has like, ten readers and I’m the one who actually writes. Raise your hand if you think Brandi should be writing blog posts instead of reading them.

I’m sure she would have interesting things to write about. Like, why we don’t have anything hanging up on our walls yet. Boy, that was a couple of tense days. Or maybe she could write about my aversion to vanilla scented soap. I know! How she makes a tighter bed than I do. Jeez! You could bounce quarters off of it.

In case any of you actually were wondering how shacking-up life is going, I’ll tell you this,


Ok. Just kidding. Brandi and I are having a fun time getting used to each other. We would get more done around the house if we didn’t enjoy kissing talking to each other as much as we do.

That’s it. Now, who wants her to write again?

This is the best day EVER! Well, maybe not the BEST best, but it ranks pretty high up on the list. Like, in the the top ten. The best part about today is that My Brandi will be here tonight.

It’ll be so nice to just get to talk to her when I want to. I’ll get to hold her hand, and take walks, and see her smile in real life. There won’t be a need anymore for me to send late night, half asleep goodnight video messages. I’ll be able to tell her, IN PERSON, that thing I tell her every morning. Even better, she will be able to tell me that thing she tells me every morning. IN PERSON!!

I don’t know what more there is to say. I’m happy.



My hope is that I’ll get it all out of the way in advance of her arrival. That might not happen, though. What might end up happening is that momentum thing that I talked about a few months ago. Maybe I’ll get rolling talking about my Ladyfriend Lovergirl and not be able to stop. Oh well, that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

#2 is a realization I had back in February. It caused a minor mental crisis until my oh-so-candid friends talked me down off the ledge. Now, after having realization #1, this one is in my mind once again. Are you tired of all the lead-up to my crazy thoughts? Welcome to my head.

I’m going to get to see and talk to best friend in the whole wide world whom I love spending time with and we will be living in the same house and I’ll get to see her WHENEVER I WANT!!!

This is a good thing! I can honestly say that there has never been a time that I haven’t loved spending time with Brandi. (Well, there was that one time at the park when our kids were little, but that doesn’t count.) There is never a dull moment when we are together. Now, with love involved, our moments are even better.

Are you wondering where the need to talk me down off the freak out ledge comes in?

I have other friends too. I do fun, impromptu things with them on the days there are no children at home with me. Things like drunk knitting with my Wednesday ladies. Or sushi. Or inviting myself over to a friend’s house when she tells me she is cooking latkes. Or a day trip to go yarn shopping (don’t laugh at me, I love this kinda thing) Still don’t see the problem?

Am I going to keep doing that? Of course I won’t always just run off with my friends. I will have a relationship to maintain. The problem is that I don’t see myself doing anything but staying home with Brandi. I see myself always choosing to spend time with her. I see the potential to get completely wrapped up in Brandi and losing Tex.

This has everything to do with how intense my feelings for her are. I’m sure the fact that we have always lived so far away from each other and only saw each other once or twice a year for so many years has something to do with it too. I know the ‘honeymoon’ will end. Eventually we will get used to being able to see and talk to each other IN PERSON. EVERYDAY. Life will become normal. The intensity will wane.

But I don’t want it to.

So, promise me something. Will you?

Promise me that if I don’t hang out with you for awhile you won’t be mad at me. Promise me that you will keep trying to include me in things even if I say no for a few months. Promise me that you will tell me if I am neglecting you. Also, promise me that you won’t think it’s weird if Brandi hangs out with us too. She’s an excellent person. You’ll love her. AND?! She doesn’t drink. I have my own built-in DD.

OK, that’s it. Today I get the keys to our place. I can’t wait!!!

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