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“That’s annoying.”

Those are my two favorite words lately.

Those two words sum up/diffuse almost every situation I encounter that used to make me mad.

Stuck in traffic? Annoying. Kid spilled entire soda on the foor? Annoying. Slow cashier? Annoying. Ripped my favorite jeans? Super fucking annoying. Kid breaks her arm hours before we’re supposed to pick up husband from airport after two weeks away and I have to take the ambulance to the hospital with her and then beg someone for a ride home afterwards? Painfully annoying.

I’m not completely sure when or why this started. I think I realized that the things that happened in my life that I would get upset about weren’t worth all that emotional energy. Instead, I focused on the true feeling behind my anger. And when I acknowledged the truth behind the emotion, the emotion went away. AND! I am able to deal with the situation in a constructive way.

Holyfuckingshit!! It’s really that easy. For me, anyway.

Will you try it? Tell me if it works for you too or if I’m just an annoyed freak.


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