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It bugs me. Maybe because I am not very sentimental, but I don’t get it. Big fuckin’ deal. It’s another day. It’s another year. Really, the only things that change are the calendar (I forgot to get a new one), and the year you have to write on your- what? Your checks? Who writes checks anymore? I write like, 4 per month.

New Year’s is just another ‘reason’ for women to dress slutty and for people to go out and get drunk. That’s all it is. And for my kids, it’s an excuse for them to stay up all night and drive me crazy when I’d really rather be out dressed in a slutty outfit and getting drunk.

I loved it when the kids were younger and didn’t know how to tell time. We would let them stay up until ‘midnight’, which was really 9:30, and then Mr. Tex and I would hang out and watch good ‘ol Dick Clark. AAAhhh… those were the days.

But really- back to my point. It’s not a big deal. The resolutions? Stupid. Why do people need to have a specific day to start a goal that they should have started 6 months ago? A goal that they will most likely never accomplish. What’s so great about the new year? Do people magically think that they won’t have to deal with the past year’s shit? The board  doesn’t get wiped clean. Sure, it’s symbolic and all, but really? Fuck symbolism.

If you need to join a fuckin’ gym to lose the 30 pounds you gained in 2010, join it already. Don’t wait until 1/1/11 to start getting your fat ass in shape. If you need to eat healthy, you should have started that before you ate 3 pieces of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. Not AFTER your 5 glasses of champagne on NYE. Those relationships? Yeah, ya know – the unhealthy, dysfunctional, life-sucking ones? You have known for how long that they are draining you of your life force? So why the fuck have you been waiting all year to dump them?

Imjusssayin’ that the time to change your habits, set goals, and start accomplishing things is NOW!  Not tomorrow. Not next year.

What are you going to do today?


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