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Enough about menstruation. Let’s talk about something better tomorrow, k?


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Sorry to those of you who haven’t seen your comments until just now. I guess wordpress thinks you’re a spammer. I set them straight, but I bet it will be like a little kid and it won’t listen to me and will fuck up again. I’ll try to stay on top of that, but I’m not making any promises. Just keep commenting, k? It makes me feel ssshpeshal.

I”m not feeling particularly creative, so here’s a list:

  1. I updated the old blog with a delightful picture. That picture is for my nemesis because she checks my shit every night before she goes to bed. That’s how I feel about that.
  2. I went to a holiday band/strings concert at my middle daughter’s elementary school. ‘The strings sucked. It sounded like they were killing cats. The band was ever so slightly better. The cool thing was that the band teacher had the 5th grade saxophone players play a jazzy song and improvise! They put forth a great effort.
  3. The chorus concert is tonight. Meh.
  4. Young Women in Excellence is also tonight. I  must admit, I’m not looking forward to it.
  5. It’s damned cold in my house. I can’t use my sunny room because it feels like the outside. So, I have spent the past several days chillin’ in my bed. I need to stop doing that.
  6. I have been busy knitting and that’s why I haven’t blogged much. Mr. Tex took the laptop for a week while he’s gone, and it’s fuckin’ cold where my desktop is. And I’m icy right now.
  7. I don’t like being cold.
  8. The cold puts me in a shitty  mood.
  9. I’m not a very kind person when I’m in a shitty mood.
  10. I need to move to Hawaii because it’s not cold there.

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