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For all of my adult life, I have been a part of one organization or another that was against homosexuals. Right out of high school, it was the military. A couple of months after I got out of the military, it was the Mormons. After reading a couple of recent posts about the topic, I decided that I’d weigh in on it.

Live and let live. That is my opinion about homosexuality. I have never been close to anyone who was openly gay. I had a great friend in high school who everyone suspected was gay. He hung out with girls. We would talk for hours on end about nothing in particular. He never had a girlfriend that anyone knew about. He never tried to sex me. That last point is actually pretty important because I was an easy lay.

But, even though everyone else claimed that they ‘knew’, I always came back with, “So what if he is?” I never came out and asked him about it. Why should I? It wasn’t any of my business. If he wanted to share that very personal information with me, he would. The point of it all is that I didn’t care either way. He was my friend and that was all that mattered.

I was 17 when I joined the Army. I was surrounded by people who were much older than me and who obviously knew much more than me. My opinions didn’t change, I just learned to keep them to myself. I think I am a pretty reasonable person. I don’t have too many strong opinions. Shit, I don’t really have too many opinions. And the ones I do have are pliable. The truth is, I really don’t care enough about most things to take a stand. And even some things that I do care about, I don’t take a stand on. Most of the time, it’s not worth it. I mean, everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if it is ignorant.

So, when I joined the Mormons, I had already been in the practice of keeping my mouth shut about that subject. It’s in the lessons, it’s in the church magazines, it’s in the pamphlets, it’s even in the Bible! Homosexual is bad. God doesn’t love the gay people. If you do gay things, you’re going to be destroyed. I believed in the church, so I guess that meant that I had to believe that other stuff. I don’t know if I so much believed it as I just let everyone else around me think I did.

A couple of times, I would find myself talking to a very good  Mormon friend who has some homosexual family members. So many times, I would find myself deferring to her because she had family members who were gay. Of course she knew more than me. Of course her opinion was more valid than mine. What did I know?

Bullshit! I know plenty.

I know that it doesn’t matter to me who a person chooses to love. Whether it’s someone of the same sex or opposite sex, what matters is how that person treats other people.

I know that it’s not the end of the world if one of my kids comes to me and tells me that he/she is homosexual. However, I don’t want any of them coming to me telling me that they’re even SEXUAL because they are kids for goodness sake. I’ll tell them to leave the sex for the adults. When they’re adults, then they have my permission to be any kind of sexual they wanna be.

I know that I love my kids and accept them for who they are NO MATTER WHAT! Unless they start eating baby kittens. I might draw the line there, because that’s just wrong!

I believe that people aren’t ‘turned gay’ or that they choose to be gay. They either are or they aren’t.

I believe that people need to get over it! Homosexuality isn’t a new thing. You didn’t hear so much about it because people were afraid. People still are afraid. They are still suffering because it’s acceptable to discriminate and make fun of them. THAT’S NOT OK!! It’s not any more OK to disrespect someone for being homosexual than it is to disrespect them for being black. Or a woman. Or ugly. People can’t help how they were born.

That’s it. I have been starting and stopping this post for the past three days. I’m glad it’s finally done. Now it’s your turn. Tell me what you think.




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