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Seriously. Between the broken-armed tween, the ever-performing teenager, the stupid question asking preteen, and the sassy preschooler, I really need a drink. Or a massage. Or a week away. Or something. They aren’t fighting. They are actually being good(ish). It’s just the constant noise. The prattle, the laughing, the banging, the messes, the questions, the managing, the reminders, the repeating. And that’s just within the last hour. I am afraid that with all of the time that we have all had together over the past three weeks, that they have learned a very valuable life lesson/skill:


I knew the day would come. They are smart kids. Eventually, they’d find out that there is strength in numbers. With one or two of them, I am strong. With three of them against me, they can push it farther. And forget it if all four of them set their minds to get something. I can’t compete. There’s only so much I can handle.

They’re not bad kids. They’re not walking all over me. Don’t think that I’m a pushover, because I’m not- usually. But they wear a bitch down. This afternoon, when I got home from work, they had already discussed how they would get lunch out. Eventually, they persuaded me to go to Costco to get some food that we needed, and we could eat a ‘cheap’ lunch out while we were there.

Only, it wasn’t really cheap. It’s not worth it to me to drive all the way to Costco just for a gigantic $2 slice of pizza and a churro. We needed some things, so I figured what the hell, we’ll go. After I spend $98.26 on the couple of things I needed, I discovered that their kitchen was closed for repairs. FML. Luckily, we bought a shitload of ramen noodle bowls and a huge-ass cherry pie. So, that’s what we ate for lunch. At home.

So, now I’m sitting here spending my precious quite time while they’re eating to blog. Great priorities I have, huh? I know they’ll be done soon. I know that they’ll be back to school on Thursday. I know Costco is true. In the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, ramen.



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