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I have been contemplating this for the past day. Yes, there is a difference. Allow me to illustrate:

It’s inconsiderate to take too long in the shower after class at the yoga studio. There are signs up all over the place reminding you of this. People are waiting to use it. Everyone has somewhere to be soon. We are all busy. Stop chatting and rinse your ass and get out of the shower. Five people have been in and out of the other shower during the time you spent hogging the other one. What’s rude is how you blow off the fact that you’ve been in there for 10 minutes saying, “It’s just like home, you know when you get to talking and don’t realize how long you’ve been in there. No big deal.” NO IT’S NOT FUCKING LIKE HOME!!! It is a big deal when I have my day scheduled to the minute and I barely made it to class in the first place because I have shit ‘ta do. It is a big deal that the lady behind me gets to her kid’s preschool in time. It’s also a big deal that you acknowledge your mistake and APOLOGIZE. At least apologize for your inconsiderate behavior when confronted about it (I kept my mouth shut because I wouldn’t have been nearly as polite as the person who did say something).

I’m glad I got that off my chest. Where do you draw the line between inconsiderate and rude?


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So, the five year old has been gone since Friday. She’s at my  mom’s house until Saturday when I go pick her up. It’s been super quiet around here. Mostly. That’s a pro. I hate kid noise.

Unfortunately, my hero, Mr. T has been gone since Sunday. I think he’s applying for Canadian citizenship. He spends so much time with them, I am pretty sure that if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s motherfuckin’ cold there, he’d become one.

Things are pretty quiet around here. The three older ones are getting along for the most part, and I want them to disappear less than usual. That’s another pro.

My teenager, however can’t seem to make up her mind whether she wants things cool and relaxed, or dramatic and over the top. I’d like to stuff a blanket in her mouth and bind her with duct tape. Con.

I did a back to back session of Bikram yesterday because I had FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT that I didn’t have any other commitments. It was a crazy, awesome experience. I’m pretty sure I will do it again tomorrow. Pro.

I’m at home blogging and drinking coffee and getting ready to tear apart my daughter’s room instead of working and making money that I can blow in Vegas. Con.

I’m stressed and I’m not eating right. So, I’m losing the little extra fluff that I’ve put on over the past couple of months. It’s not much, maybe 5 pounds, but it does’t take much to make a difference. My jeans fit me properly again. Pro.

I’m stressed, and my schedule is all fucked up so I haven’t taken a proper dump since Sunday. I’m hoping this x-large coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts does its trick soon. Con that will soon be a pro (hopefully).

I have great friends. I love you mofos. Pro times infinity.

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There are so many things that I want to do. It’s hard to prioritize the wants with the needs. SHIT!


  • knit cute gifts for everyone who is going to BGW-11 (Koda, if you show up I’ll even have something for you)
  • two sessions of Bikram daily, but I’d settle for once everyday
  • plan delicious food to cook for dinner for the week
  • cook delicious food for dinner for the week
  • drink more wine
  • take more naps snuggled in the 5 year old’s bed with her next to me (we did that today = AWESOME!)
  • have the house all clean and neat and tidy for Mr. T when he gets home tomorrow eve


  • have the house all clean and neat and tidy for Mr. T when he gets home tomorrow eve
  • buy enough groceries so I can throw together meals for my kids besides chicken nuggets and fries
  • wash sheets on the bed so Mr. T and I can dirty them up again
  • get to sleep before midnight at least ONCE since he’s been gone
  • not kill my teenager (must be PMS’ing)
  • work more hours at my meager part time job/hobby so I have more drinking/gambling money for VEGAS

I know, it’s a stupid post, but remember what I said about the sucker? I haven’t had a good sucking session in a week. I can’t think. Deal with it.

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I’m finally back to hot yoga after a month off due to poverty. I feel like myself again!