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There are so many things that I want to do. It’s hard to prioritize the wants with the needs. SHIT!


  • knit cute gifts for everyone who is going to BGW-11 (Koda, if you show up I’ll even have something for you)
  • two sessions of Bikram daily, but I’d settle for once everyday
  • plan delicious food to cook for dinner for the week
  • cook delicious food for dinner for the week
  • drink more wine
  • take more naps snuggled in the 5 year old’s bed with her next to me (we did that today = AWESOME!)
  • have the house all clean and neat and tidy for Mr. T when he gets home tomorrow eve


  • have the houseĀ all clean and neat and tidy for Mr. T when he gets home tomorrow eve
  • buy enough groceries so I can throw together meals for my kids besides chicken nuggets and fries
  • wash sheets on the bed so Mr. T and I can dirty them up again
  • get to sleep before midnight at least ONCE since he’s been gone
  • not kill my teenager (must be PMS’ing)
  • work more hours at my meagerĀ part time job/hobby so I have more drinking/gambling money for VEGAS

I know, it’s a stupid post, but remember what I said about the sucker? I haven’t had a good sucking session in a week. I can’t think. Deal with it.


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