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It’s the time of the year where a million friends get together for a week of fun and food and sand and fires and nakedness and drinking. Ok, well not everyone gets naked and drunk. Ok, to be fair, the nakedness was in the dark. Wait. That doesn’t sound better does it? UMMMMM……nevermind.


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Who the hell IS she anyway? And why do we care how she got her groove back?

I don’t give a shit about her, but I do know one thing-

20121123-180308.jpgI’M BACK!!

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I have been contemplating this for the past day. Yes, there is a difference. Allow me to illustrate:

It’s inconsiderate to take too long in the shower after class at the yoga studio. There are signs up all over the place reminding you of this. People are waiting to use it. Everyone has somewhere to be soon. We are all busy. Stop chatting and rinse your ass and get out of the shower. Five people have been in and out of the other shower during the time you spent hogging the other one. What’s rude is how you blow off the fact that you’ve been in there for 10 minutes saying, “It’s just like home, you know when you get to talking and don’t realize how long you’ve been in there. No big deal.” NO IT’S NOT FUCKING LIKE HOME!!! It is a big deal when I have my day scheduled to the minute and I barely made it to class in the first place because I have shit ‘ta do. It is a big deal that the lady behind me gets to her kid’s preschool in time. It’s also a big deal that you acknowledge your mistake and APOLOGIZE. At least apologize for your inconsiderate behavior when confronted about it (I kept my mouth shut because I wouldn’t have been nearly as polite as the person who did say something).

I’m glad I got that off my chest. Where do you draw the line between inconsiderate and rude?

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You just never know what people are dealing with in their lives. I know we all have shit, the stinky muck that makes our lives hard to deal with, and we all handle our shit differently. Every once in a while someone will tell you about the shit they’re carrying around.

As a personal trainer, people come to me when they’re desperate enough for a change that they’re willing to spend lots of money for my help. They’ve tried or haven’t tried or don’t know how to try to get moving to lose weight. They feel like shit, the sluggish and sticky mess that comes from years of inactivity, look like shit, a soft mess of flesh and bones, and treat themselves like shit with the self-loathing and ugly stories they tell themselves. Unfortunately for some (most) people, even spending hundreds of dollars isn’t enough. They think it’s enough to meet with me once a week. What they don’t realize that they still have to work on their own. What they don’t expect is that I will call them out on that shit, the lies they try to tell me about how they are working out on their own, because I can tell when they are making the extra effort.

I don’t like excuses. Hmmm, let me rephrase that. I won’t accept their excuses. I like excuses. I use them all the time. I’m pretty good at using excuses. But you know what? I can. I’m not 40 lbs overweight. Besides looking awesome in a mini skirt, being skinny means that you can afford to make the occasional excuse. HOWEVER, I ask the hard questions and also have plenty of solutions. That’s a good thing about being a know-it-all, a person who knows everything. (How am I doing, Rena?)

This morning, when I asked my client why she’s not doing her ‘homework’, the classes and workouts I gave her to do on her own between sessions, she practically broke down in tears. She started listing all of these familiar symptoms. And when I asked her if she’s depressed, she could barely squeak out an answer. This, mofos, is what I live for! Not making people cry. You assholes know that I’m too nice for that. The cat’s out of the bag already. I’m a caring bitch. I live for helping people. I live for being a friend and a motivator to my clients. I live for the opportunity to help someone transform into something they never thought possible.

So, I’m trying a new approach. I’m sure it’s just ‘new to me’. I hope it’ll work. I’m going to send her personalized reminders throughout the week. I’ll send her a reminder to pack her gym bag and get it in the car so she can workout right after work. I’ll check in with her to make sure she’s doing her at-home workout over the weekend.

I hope my efforts will make a difference in her life to not only to get physically healthy again, but emotionally healthy too. I know with depression, sometimes just knowing that someone else in the world cares about you can make a huge difference. Don’t worry- I do not think I am a substitute for psychiatric care. I encouraged her to see a psychiatrist and start getting treated by a trained mental health professional, and I will continue to encourage her to do that until she sees one.

But DAMN! I am excited! The look on her face said it all. I am doing EXACTLY what I need to be doing right now.

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That’s what I have been doing to my belly.

I’ve been ignoring my waist too.

Those motherfuckers have decided that they WILL NOT BE IGNORED!! Those bitches ganged up and decided that they would make my pants take notice.

And my boobs? You know, those floppy skin bags on top of my chest? Those twin ‘hos are fuckin’ busting out of my b-cups. I know my ass is gaining weight if my breastisus are getting bigger.

OK already! I get it. I’ll get my ass back into an actual gym and actually work out in addition to my hot motherfuckin’ yoga. And I’ll ride my bike again. SHIT!!

I’m going to make those bitches pay!

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I love you mofos. Y’all know that. I love how you tell me how amazing my ass is. You tell me what a fuckin’ genius I am. You let me vent to you about shit that’s going on in my motherfuckin’ house. Some of you mofos are even traveling to hang out with me next week. If it was possible, I’d hug each and every one of you people while letting you know how important you are to me.


Something’s missing. Something big is missing from my life. And I want it back but I don’t know how to get it back. It fucking sucks to need the one person who you confided everything (well, almost) for the past 11 years, and not be able to call her up and get her support and encouragement when you need it the most. One of the only people in the whole world who loves your family like her own (or at least used to), and knows them almost as well because she’s been there all of their lives.

I want to call her. I want to cry over the phone so she can tell me that everything is going to be just fine. However, I can’t help but think that if I do that, I will validate her belief that I brought on all of my family’s drama because of my actions. In her eyes, I have made very serious mistakes that must be dealt with. And until I deal with them properly, I will continue to have these issues to deal with.

Over the past week, I have been on the verge of calling her so many times. And each time, I stop myself because I don’t want to give her the satisfaction. I don’t want to inadvertently validate her opinion. (Because I know she’d have one)

So, yeah. That’s my suck-ass thing. Do you have one?

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No need to send someone over to check on me. I’m still alive.

My mom came this week to hang out for a few days. AND!!! She took the 5 year old home with her. We are planning on going to her house next weekend anyway, so it works out great. I feel a bit pathetic and desperate to be so excited to have  a whole week without my youngest child. But whatever, I’ll get over it. It’s actually a good week to be down a kid because Mr. T is going to be gone all week too. That mofo is always going on ‘business trips’. I have told him that I think he is living a double life. It happens, ya know. I’ve read books. I’ve seen movies. I can’t name any of them, and he laughs at me whenever I mention that I think he may have a secret ‘nother family. But at least I get him MORE. So I’m not bitter.

I also found a knitting group that I’m going to this morning. Hopefully, I’ll like the ladies there, and they’ll want me to come back again. I miss my ‘ol knitting buddy, Ariella. I hope she’s on vacation and neglected to tell me about it, because I haven’t been able to get in touch with her all week. I have issues with friends not communicating with me. I’m not calling it needy. I’m calling it, I miss my stitchin’ and bitchin’ buddy.

I’m feeling a bit depressed, I guess. I’m so ready for it to not be cold outside. I really hate it. I don’t want to go out and DO anything. I just want to be snuggled in my bathrobe. It’s getting old. I’m getting fluffy. And I don’t like fluffy. At least not on me. I’ve started eating sweets and crappy food again. Yuck! I really hope the weather is good next week while my little monster is away so I can get back on my bike.

I am excited that I have a little over two weeks before I get to see my bad-ass mofos.

Even I’M not convinced by that last sentence. I’ll work on it. OK?

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