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Change sucks.  Even good change.

900 square feet is enough until you add children.

College is hard. I think this is one of the reasons I stopped doing it.

I fucking love science. Who am I?

I have a favorite element – H. Can you guess why? (Brandi, you can’t answer)

It’s a good thing that I have a psychiatrist who thinks Ritalin is a good treatment for my ADHD otherwise I’d never get all this reading done.

A good BLF can make everything better.

People surprise and amaze me every day. That’s usually a good thing.

Thursday night is my new favorite night. I didn’t have one before, so I guess technically, it’s just my favorite night.

I haven’t gotten up from this chair in several hours. I think my ass might be fused to the cushion.

I should probably eat lunch.

Ok. That’s it. I am outta here.


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I have been having a hard ass time coming up with something to write about. I had some good ideas in my pretty little head yesterday. I forgot them. Then I remembered them, but when the time came to articulate them, I couldn’t get my shit together. What’s going on?!

Maybe I need some liquid inspiration. I tend to have lots to say after I’ve had a glass of wine. I guess I need to increase my wine consumption. Just kidding. I rarely BUI.

I am going to play bingo later tonight with my husband and several other couples. I plan to win the jackpot. I’ll definitely have lots to write about after I win the jackpot. My husband told me that he’d buy himself a better tv if he won. I’m buying a nice new pair of boots,  a killer bag, and a good sushi dinner with a girlfriend. He doesn’t like sushi. I’m not spending money at a sushi restaurant unless it’s for sushi.

I’ll let you know how it turns out tonight.

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